Machu Picchu

That time we hiked 15,000ft…

After returning home from the gym (guns pumping arm tense emoji), and coffee with my mentor (who is absolutely amazing, Hey Cass), it seems like a distant memory that I ticked off one of the seven wonders of the world even though I only returned back to the 09 at 5am yesterday.

Machu Picchu, where do I begin? Firstly I was lucky enough to be picked by GoPro, the best company ever, to take part in this adventure. Seriously, go get yourself a GoPro, it will change your life. Literally, it made my dream a reality. This dream was to do a trip with my family in remembrance of my old boy who tragically passed away out of the blue nearly 7 years ago. RIP you legend.

We conquered the Lares Trek. A 15,000ft 3 day trek; no showers, no electricity, no Instagram #FarkSake and no people the whole time. What a bloody experience. The Peruvian Andes were something i’ve never experienced. I mean, think of Queenstown and times that by 100 then mix a touch of the Swiss Alps and voila you have the Andes. UNREAL.

From there we made our way (which was an absolute mission thanks to the train strikes) to Machu Picchu. Amongst the 1000s of people, the pouring rain and the mystical fog, this place blew my mind. Like how do you build a city with rocks, hundreds of years ago, 2,430m above sea level… Mental.

This trip was probably one of my most challenging in terms of behind the scenes admin, sickness, adventure and being in a developing country where no one speaks english. But the thing about travelling is that it’s not all about the still image of the two minute video that you see as the end result. It’s about the hustle, the journey along the way, the unexpected hurdles you have to overcome that make it all worth it.

A saying my homies use in times of need for something some travel reassurance: “It’s the low lows that make the highs high.”

Massive legends to the legends @GoPro for making this a trip we will never forget.

SCENES! Much love my homies xx

Logan Dodds