Little Ole NZ

Camping with Kathmandu

How lucky are we to live in what has been rated the best country in the world by so many, including loads of those pop-up articles on Facebook. You know the ones, it’s always New Zealand! And so it should be, this place is epic!

After spending some time in Australia and Rarotonga over the New Year period having a wicked time exploring parts of the world i’ve never been to (Raro was nuts… A total tropical paradise, add it to the list). I was craving some New Zealand goodness. I’d only been home for three nights before I took the middy and snuck away for the night.

In search of raw, green goodness, we packed up the car, chilly bin, enough food for the night, our Kathmandu camping essentials and headed north. We ended up in Tawharanui, a spot my family has been camping at for more than 10 years, it’s so beautiful up there.

After swimming and exploring for most of the day, we parked up on the beach and ho’ed into some mince and veggies we cooked on the little Gasmate Stove cooker. That thing is next level! We had pitched the Retreat 80 tent, chucked the hoofs out the tent door and watched the sunset turn into darkness.

Ideally I like to head off the beaten track when I get away. Remote spots in the Coromandel, way north of Auckland, or Queenstown are my favourite places to explore but the beauty of little old New Zealand is you can literally drive less than an hour and feel like you’re in another world of pure amazing-ness. A sneaky little trip away for the night can not only satisfy those cravings, but reminds you how crazy lucky we are to live in the best country in the world. So if you can’t get away to that spot you’ve had your eye on for ages, just take the car, a tent, and do a little roadie.

Seriously, New Zealand. You win.

Logan Dodds