Yo, I'm Logan

Life through my eyes…

As I sit here in the ole classic 5pm Auckland traffic, i’m dreaming of being somewhere tropical, looking over some epic views or heading on a sick sunset mission. It has also given me a moment to reflect on what’s turned into a pretty hectic day-to-day schedule, running from meetings to meetings in between fixing leaking toilets and installing kitchens. All while answering phone calls, planning exciting trips and yarning to new friends all over the world doing unreal things. @samevanslife and @chrisrogersza you guys are gods… Go follow them. You won’t be disappointed. Seriously do it.

My life has almost accidentally turned into exactly what I pictured it to be. Sure, fixing leaking toilets isn’t exactly living the dream, but the fact that i’m flying to Queenstown for the day tomorrow to scope out an exciting project, then flying to Peru to conquer a trek that’s near the top of my bucket list (Machu Pichu) a couple of days later with one of the dopest companies out is pretty damn epic. Thanks GoPro ya legends. I literally used to picture this life and now i’m living right smack bang in the middle of it. Like whaaaat theeeee… How did this happen?

While i’ve moved like 3km in 30 minutes heading back to my amazing girlfriends, hey Dan ya babe, i’m thinking about how crazy grateful I am that I tripped, fell and my dream life smacked me in the face without even realising it.

The universe works in magical ways and i’m a massive believer that everything happens for a reason. Keep smiling, keep giving out those positive happy fuzzies because what’s around the corner might just surprise you!

I’m stupidly excited to be able to vomit words on my own website, like the kind of excited a little kid gets after skulling a bottle of fizzy, then runs around the house uncontrollably yelling… You know?

Stay tuned for some pretty dope adventures coming in the very near future, they type of adventures where i’m going to invite you guys to come along with me! I know you legends will be all over it.


Much love my homies xx

Logan Dodds