Around the world 2017

2017 has been INSANE! Would go down as one of the greatest years of my life. Some crazy travels to date from around NZ to all around the world! Here’s a few of my highlights from throughout the year. Huge shout out to everyone involved on the adventures, the legends met on the adventures and the Gem Visa that has had my back consistently throughout them. In no particular order…

Fiji - October 2017

Fiji was a pleasant treat, after hearing so much but never actually going I was blown away by the culture, beauty of the place and it’s simplicity.

Faroe Islands - July 2017

To say this place blew my mind would be an understatement. I had never witnessed anything quite like it. It literally felt like we were pioneers first discovering this place. Due to harsh and unexpected weather conditions the locals (50,000 total population) mostly stayed indoors. No one insight for miles! My Gem Visa definitely saved the day a couple of times on this trip!

Japan - February 2017

This was the best place in the world to spend my 26th birthday! I spent 7 days out here with GoPro. Absolutely balls deep in powder. I now know why this place is called JA-POW! What a treat. i was lucky enough to be out with some of the OG content creators too.

Hawaii - October 2017

All I can say is WOW. Hawaii had been high on the bucket list for quite some time! Especially the stairway to heaven hike. Arguably the most famous hike in the world. Although it is illegal and I don’t condone breaking the law… Sometimes you have to bend the rules when it’s something so epic! Stoked Dani Robinson was game!

Iceland - July 2017

Much like Faroe Islands, the landscape was INSANE. Although much more touristy the magnitude of this place was nuts! Miles and miles of crazy coastlines. We road tripped from north to south of the East Coast. We got ourselves caught out sometimes, miss judging timings of long drives or staying longer than expected at amazing locations taking photos, resulting in most places being closed to eat. My Gem Visa got me out of some seriously hangry situations, being accepted in little stores in literally the middle of nowhere late at night. This card has never not been accepted anywhere i’ve taken it with me in the world. Being a traveller it’s definitely something that you don’t want to be worrying about! Shout outs to my homie Ben Mika for a dope trip.

New Zealand - July 2017

July was a crazy busy month, getting the call up to hit the road with my homies Sam Evans and Sam Earp was dope. We hit a 5 day road trip from Christchurch to Queenstown and back again. Being on the road with two of the best in the game was something else. Good times with likeminded homies!

Summer 17/18

So we have just bought a campervan for the upcoming summer! She is currently in the middle of a big renovation and clean up! We are sourcing all necessary parts, materials and gadgets from the likes of Harvey Norman and Mitre 10. Stay tuned for some EPIC summer roadie yarns and loads of photos and videos! Will post a more in depth blog of renovations and how-to’s once she’s ready to rumble!

We shall call her ‘Good Vibrations’.

Logan Dodds