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A bit about me and what I do…

I am Logan Dodds, a qualified plumber, part-time foot-photographer and full-time life-liver. I am 28 years of age yet I feel like I’m still 20. I’ve learnt the hard way that life can be taken away in a flash, and because of that I live for the now. With a sense of appreciation, I know how short life can be and with that comes an awareness of how it can set your soul alight.

You’ll find me frothing in nature, chasing sunsets, at the gym with my shirt off and annoying anyone that will listen with a yarn or two. I had a lucky break in October ’15 when a video I created got viewed over 5 million times worldwide. This catapulted me into a life that I never could have imagined. I am forever grateful and take nothing for granted. Be good to the universe, you never know whats around the corner. Now established photographer & videographer I live for capturing moments in time, travelling to the next destination and just living that best damn life!

I’m just a normal kid, living a life that puts a smile on my face, why don’t you join the fun and put a smile on yours.

Let’s connect, kick it & create some magic. Let me shoot , create & inspire your next piece of work.


Brand Collaborations

Some of the epic brands Logan has worked with…

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